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  1. I attended Worthing vReading a few weeks ago .I would like to comment on the commentary which in part I found informative however I found one aspect of it quite annoying and a display of bad sportsmanship Did the commentator have to keep shouting make some noise and. more to the point I thought that it was in very poor taste encouraging the crowd to make noise when the opposition were taking free throws This used not to happenI I recal watching TCB Brighton and the announcer asking the crowd to show some respect to the opposition .This behavior has been imported from The USA.,it’s about time we stopped doing it and set a better example to younger spectators KEITH NEEDHAM. Former player coach and ref

  2. Further to my comments 20 Mar I attended Thunder v Essex and it was more of the same with the announcer continuing to encourage the crowd to make some noise when the opposition are taking free shots This is clearly designed in an attempt to distract the shooter.Part of the reason for me writing about this issue again is that on watching Rugby union the large TV screens request the crowd to Respect the Kicker at a penalty or conversion Perhaps The Thunder announcer could take note of the points that I have made and watch a Rugby Union match Keith Needham former player coach ref and now stats man1

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